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Five for Friday

1 I’m eating a chicken burrito at Taco Bell. A song by the Doobie Brothers is playing. I know this because I shazamed it.

2 I have had the worst headache the last three days. I was getting it late in the afternoon, but this morning it started right after bootcamp. Sometimes it hurts so much I get nauseous.

3 I am becoming very passive on tumblr. Reading, getting emotionally attached to you and your lives, but posting less frequently than I used to.

4 I follow some amazing women here.


We have been watching Walking Dead on Netflix and have two more episodes in season 2. After searching desperately, DESPERATELY, for season 3, and determining that I would either have to WAIT for it to come out on Netflix or pay $42.99 to download it from iTunes, Mike informed me yesterday that there will be a WALKING DEAD SEASON 3 MARATHON this weekend. So so happy

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  1. tatmanblue said: its friday?
  2. dahliascene said: i got so confused and ready for friday only to realize it was thursday.
  3. funkyscribe said: Isn’t it Thursday?
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